The database of phase-separation related proteins.

Examples: FUS P35637 BRD4 O60885 PML P29590

What is PhaSepDB?

PhaSepDB is a novel database that provides a collection of phase separation related proteins manually curated from publications and public database.

As of October 2019, this database includes 2957 eligible proteins. 2303(77.9%) of the proteins were localized in different organelles.
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While 661(22.1%) of them were not associated with known organelles.
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In addition to curated proteins, PhaSepDB also provides the researchers with molecular signatures that may facilitate phase separation related proteins identification for all human proteins.
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PhaSepDB News

7th Oct 2019

Added 162 records in High throughput and reviewed data.(PMID:29395067,26388440).

4th Oct 2019

PhaSepDB has been published on Nucleic Acids Research:

If you find PhaSepDB helpful, please cite:
Kaiqiang You, Qi Huang, Chunyu Yu, Boyan Shen, Cristoffer Sevilla, Minglei Shi, Henning Hermjakob, Yang Chen, Tingting Li, PhaSepDB: a database of liquid–liquid phase separation related proteins, Nucleic Acids Research, , gkz847,