PhaSepDB2.0 : The database of phase-separation related proteins

PhaSepDB provides a collection of manually curated phase separation (PS) proteins and Membraneless organelles (MLOs) related proteins. As of June 2021, 961 PS entries, 59 MLOs, 698 low throughput MLO related entries and 6981 high throughput MLO related entries were included.
PS entries were classified into 356 “PS-self” (the protein can undergo PS in vitro by itself) and 605 “PS-other” entries (the protein require other partners to form biomolecular droplet in vitro or can form or be recruited to biomolecular droplet in vivo).
We provide detailed annotation for many PS entries, including the material states of the PS droplets, the regions used in experiments, PS partners for the proteins and the regulation of the proteins' PS ability.


Examples : FUS, Q13148

To predict phase separation proteins, search phase separation and MLO related diseases.


Browse all phase separation entries in PhaSepDB by combinatorial search.

Browse MLOs

Explore 59 MLOs, you can see the description and related proteins for each MLO.

2021-07-13: PhaSepDB2.0 was online.
2019-10-04: PhaSepDB1.0 was published on Nucleic Acids Research.

Kaiqiang You, Qi Huang, Chunyu Yu, Boyan Shen, Cristoffer Sevilla, Minglei Shi, Henning Hermjakob, Yang Chen, Tingting Li, PhaSepDB: a database of liquid–liquid phase separation related proteins, Nucleic Acids Research